FLY-Lightwind Freeride


Size: 15

Key Features:

  • Two-strut design
  • Exceptionally lightweight 
  • Amazing low-end power and wind range
  • Superior turning and control
  • Easy water relaunch in light winds
  • 6m extension lines included with kite




The Fly is designed for freeriding and freestyle in light to marginal wind conditions.

It is exceptionally lightweight for its size and has amazing low-end power. This is primarily due to the Fly’s proven two-strut, easy-handling design, which also provides superior turning and control.

The Fly utilizes swept back wingtip shaping, which improves water relaunching in light wind conditions.

Tech Features

Two-strut design = Lightweight and amazing low-end power

ride_tech_0002_Two-strut design

Mini-battens = Profile stability at low angle of attack


Center of effort tow point alignment = Stability



Swept back wingtip shaping = Improves water relaunch

ride_tech_0000_Swept back wingtip shaping

Super lightweight, anodized alloy pulley = Reduces weight and increases durability

ride_tech_0001_Super light weight, anodized alloy pulle



Power Foil Canopy

The Power Foil Canopy has horizontal seam shaping. The result is a kite that creates instant lift.

Park Swept Compact C-Shape

Compact C

The Compact C-shape blends the pop and lift of a C-kite with the power, control and turning of a swept leading edge kite. In addition, it provides ideal re-launch capabilities.


Evolutive Profile

The profile’s depth and shape evolves along the airfoil. The center sections generate power and speed. The tips are fast turning and minimize drag. This creates a fast flying, stable kite with less back stalling.


Low Drag Wing Tip

This wing tip geometry reduces the overall surface area of the non-lifting portion, which greatly reduces drag. The more efficient the lift/drag ratio becomes, the faster the wing tip can move through the air. This allows the kite to be both quicker and more responsive through turns.


Octopus Inflation System

This proven, quick and easy single-point inflation system creates uniform pressure in the struts and leading edge. The Naish exclusive one-way internal valve ensures that the pressure in the struts does not change during turns.


Radial Load 

All wing tips are designed with seams running parallel to the load generated by the flying lines. These seams carry most of the load, and spread it higher into the canopy. This construction avoids fatigue on the fabric and in the wing tip area.


Radial Segmented Arc

The Radial Segmented shape uses short linear segments to accurately form the kite’s arc.

Naish Anti-Stiction Window

Anti-stiction Window

The wing tip features a flow-through window, which reduces static friction and allows for easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly.