Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson





November 23, 1980

Hincaster, Cumbria UK

Home spot:
Bigbury / Bantham

2x British Champion & 4th Overall on the PKRA

Naish, Prolimit


Favorite Naish Gear:
10m Torch, 130cm Monarch

Duties as Team Rider @ Naish:
To continue enjoying the brand and the qualities it has, making it better than other brands out there.  I do my best to bring Naish into the public eye whether it’s through coaching, riding, magazines or videos and hope this allows people to see why they too, would benefit by being on a Naish.

KB goals for 2013:
To land a low mobe, ride out storms that hit the UK and continue to develop coaching holidays to help others to improve their kitesurfing level.

Latest News
    Q & A

    As a professional athlete who travels around the world and sees different styles of kiteboarding, what do you think about the status of kiteboarding right now? How do you see it evolving? 
    I think that kitesurfing is making a turn. It is still a new sport and has a long way to go.  As a new sport it certainly has its glitches here and there, which is usually how we present ourselves as a whole at competition or perhaps how the equipment gets sold, but slowly I think its finding its way to a new professionalism.  I think there is space out there for different styles in the sport including freestyle (my favorite), waves, big air, speed and course racing. I’m glad to see kitesurfing out of the Olympics at this stage.  I think it was too early for us to represent the sport strongly and professionally, but hopefully with the realization that we can be bigger, we will be more prepared in the future should any one of the above disciplines make a giant step forward in these mainstream events.

    If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

    I’d like a cross between Cameron Diaz and Michelle Rodriquez sassy and sexy, but can kick ass if she wants!!

    My philosophy of life is….
    Enjoy the moment here with you now and stop living too much for the future.

    Special talent(s)?
    My knee knocking dance moves!  They are special!

    Last time you were scared sh**less?
    Puerto Rico in February.  I found myself in waves with over 20 foot faces and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing there!  I lost ground and couldn’t make it back up wind to the channel leading to the bay and the beach to land my kite.  I had dry reef all around me.  I made a bee line for what looked like a potential access point to a cove and was fairly successful, but was picking urchins out my fingers and toes all night and finally managed to reacquaint myself with my brand new 2013 Park bar 4 days later when the tide dropped and I had the chance to run out over the reef and hack at my lines with a pen knife before the next set rolled in!  After 4 days of being battered on the reef, the bar is now a momento of my kitesurfing career and sits on my mantle piece.

    When are you happiest?
    Stretching my body in the early morning sun, easing out the aches of the day before and dreaming of my session during the day to come.

    What is the one thing you wish people knew about you?
    I’m an open book!  I think you’d find it hard to not know everything about me from spending just a few days with me.

    Best post-session meal?
    Lasagna, garlic bread and salad or chips or both!