Competitive racing and light wind riding.

Designed for high performance racers, the Venturi is an incredibly fast racing shape and also fun to ride in light wind conditions. Complete with state-of-the-art race fins, the Venturi is ready to race right off the shelf.

Sizes: 189cm x 69.5cm
Fins: 2x 42cm front fins, 1x 38cm rear fin

Key Features:

  • NEW! Bamboo sandwich construction = lighter weight
  • NEW! Velcro adjustable footstraps
  • NEW! Tri-plane V = better foiling to windward + easy to ride off the wind
  • NEW! Hydrodynamic forward rails = water release
  • Dual density footpads = added comfort
Length Width Fins Components
Venturi 189cm

69.5cm Two 42cm front fins
One 38cm rear fin
Surf straps

Bamboo Sandwich Carbon Rails:

Venturi Construction

Vario Ergonomic Footstraps

Vario Ergonomic Footstrap